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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is NextPhase?

Next Phase is a community that brings together catastrophically injured plaintiffs and families who have an existing, pending or completed personal injury lawsuit so we can help empower them to create a new secure, emotionally rewarding and financially liberating life after settlement

What are the goals for every member?

To live their life before, during and after settlement with dignity, financial stability, emotional stability; acceptance, understanding and meaning.

How do I know if this community is the right one for me?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a personal injury case and have an existing, pending or completed personal injury lawsuit you are in the right place. 

When is the best time to join the NextPhase Community?

We called it NextPhase because we wanted to be able to help our community at any point in their journey before, during and after their case is resolved.  Our recommendation is to become a member today.

Is this like a Facebook group?

No, it is not.  This is a community that will get you faster and better results on your personal transitional journey from being an accident victim to becoming an empowered settlement survivor.  Expect group discussions, counseling, financial and emotional educational opportunities as well as customized support long after the case settles.

What should I expect if I decide to become a member of the Next Phase community?

You can expect a better settlement experience before, during and after settlement.
We want the Next Phase Community to be a place where injured claimants and their families can benefit from others who are either on similar journeys in their lives or are passionate professionals that can help with emotional, financial and settlement design counseling.

Why is this group so important?

Because injured claimants have never had a collective voice.  We saw the problems but until recently, creating an on-line community specifically for plaintiff support was not possible.  Claimants often tell us that they feel like they are “on a deserted island” by themselves.  They have tons of questions, concerns, and fears that need to be addressed on an emotional and financial basis.  The Next Phase Community offers peer support, great educational programs, group counseling as well as financial awareness and customized settlement design opportunities.  Finally, a group designed to help those injured individuals who need it most!

What makes NextPhase a safe place to learn and grow?

We value your privacy and safety and speak with every member before they join.

Who is forming this group, and why?

NextPhase Community is the first and only group dedicated to the protection, education and success of injured claimants as they transition from injury victim to empowered settlement survivor.  It’s founders are Joe Di Gangi, a Certified Financial Planner who’s been helping injured claimants create safe, secure and productive settlements for over 30 years, and, Dr. Darren Aboyoun a respected psychologist who will lend emotional and coping support to the community.
The Next Phase Community is the most important development for injury victims in a very long time…maybe ever!  Next Phase’s focus on education, emotional support, financial support and peer support is the best way we know to help injury victims to get through this together!

Will I get a higher settlement because I am part of this group?

Maybe.  We have been in the business of assisting the legal community in personal injury cases for years.  We provide valuable insights and litigation support that adds value to any case we work on.  One thing for sure, it will be a better settlement experience for members since NextPhase members are better prepared, educated and ready to take on the many challenges along the journey to becoming an empowered settlement survivor.

Should I discuss this with my attorney?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it.  We have successfully worked with personal injury attorney teams for the benefit of mutual personal injury clients for years.  But, since giving financial and emotional counseling is outside of a personal injury attorney’s normal representation responsibilities, it is NOT a requirement.  On most occasions, personal injury attorneys are happy to know that their best clients will be members of the Next Phase Community since a well prepared client is a better client!

Tell me about the mentorship program.

We named the community NextPhase because there is ALWAYS a next phase after suffering a serious personal injury.  We really like the idea of those who have successfully moved through some of the phases to give back to those walking behind on the same path.  It’s great therapy for the mentors and those they are helping!

Are there fees to be a member of the NextPhase Community?

No fees to become a member.  We will have additional education opportunities and other customized services that may include a fee.

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