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Is it Possible to Pursue a Claim After Being Harmed by a Tractor Trailer?

In 2022 alone, there were nearly 75,000+ individuals that were injured from truck-related accidents. It’s not a surprising number considering the number of goods transported across the country year over year. However, given the sheer size and mass of these vehicles, collisions with them often lead to severe injuries due to the force exerted when they collide with another object. 

If if you find yourself injured due to a truck accident, pinpointing the liable parties can be challenging at first. The responsibility may not lie with the truck driver, but it could also extend to the company that employs the driver, the entity whose goods were being transported, and even others involved in the driver’s employment. 

When it comes to cases like this, starting the entire investigation promptly is crucial. You should aim to engage with a personal injury lawyer to not only receive maximum compensation (when applicable), but to also allow them to use their own skilled investigative team to gather and document all evidence. This will allow for accountability from all parties involved in the transport process leading to your injury. 

What Steps to Take if Injured by a Tractor Trailer?

Encountering an accident with a truck can lead to significant injuries. It’s imperative to seek medical attention for any injuries suspected – the same process as if it were a normal car accident. In the event of noticing an injury, tell the emergency services as dispatchers will typically send EMS, fire department, and police officers to the scene. 

The police officer sent to the scene will document the accident and then collect evidence, including the information of the truck driver, road conditions, witnesses, and the accident’s circumstances, culminating in a police report. The report will be a valuable asset for you and your lawyers taking on the claim. 

Looking for Guidance? 

While NextPhase Community aren’t lawyers themselves and don’t help within the legal process, we’re always here to offer as much advice, assistance, and information as we can. We can help guide you through the legal process and help appoint you to a lawyer if need be. 

In this journey, every step matters, and with NextPhase Community, no one has to walk it alone.

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