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Understanding Car Accident Laws in Pennsylvania

Laws concerning car accidents vary state by state, each state sets its own rules for filing claims and determining who is eligible for compensation stemming from the claims. In Pennsylvania specifically, the approach to a car accident claim is based on a no-fault system. This means that drivers usually file claims with their own insurance providers regardless of who was at fault. Overall, this covers the crash-related costs for each person. 

It’s important for drivers in Pennsylvania to be aware and familiar with the choices they have when it comes to insurance coverages. The state offers two types of policies that allow drivers to opt-out of the no-fault system: Limited Tort Coverage and Full Tort Coverage. Both options offer different levels of compensation following the accident. 

Limited Tort Coverage

Opting for limited tort coverage means that you, along with family members covered onyour policy, can claim compensations for certain damages following the accident such as medical expenses, lost income, costs for repairing property damages, and more. However, this coverage type doesn’t extend to non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. When a severe injury is sustained, you might have an option to pursue further legal action against the driver responsible which is outside of your limited tort benefits. 

Full Tort Coverage

Full tort coverages will provide a broader scope of protection for you and your covered family members. This option allows for the recovery of both “economic” and “non-economic” damages, regardless of the severity of injury. So, even if you weren’t injured, you can claim compensation for all damage types. 

More times than not, full tort coverage is the best strategy for safeguarding your rights in the long term. 

Where Does NextPhase Community Come In? 

While NextPhase Community doesn’t provide legal guidance or consultation, we do provide the outside guidance needed for you to make a full recovery: Mentally, Physically, and Financially. However, we can point you into the right direction for legal help given our pool of lawyers on hand to help those affected by a personal injury. 

In this journey, every step matters, and with NextPhase Community, no one has to walk it alone.

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