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env. As mentioned in “XAMPP - Security Requirements“ You will also need to set the global variable “extension_dir” in “ext/xampp_php.c“, this should be set to “php_extensions_dir” eg. extension_dir = "C:/xampp/php/ext/" To add the php_mcrypt.dll to your xampp/php/php.ini file add the line extension=php_mcrypt.dll To ensure the php_mcrypt.dll is loaded at startup: If you have Apache start the xampp server with /opt/lampp/bin/xampp start Then open a browser and navigate to the following link: localhost/~USERNAME/phpinfo.php You should see the mcrypt extension. Q: How can I add new Values from a Dictionary to a table in C#? I have a dictionary in my code: Dictionary dict = new Dictionary(); Now I would like to add a value from this dictionary to a table or an other ListView. Is this possible? A: Use a DataRowCollection. Add the item to the collection then Add it to the DataTable. DataRowCollection dataRows = new DataRowCollection(); // Add items to dictionary dataRows.Add(dict.Keys.First(), dict.Values.First()); // Add the item to a DataTable or ListView Table.Rows.Add(dataRows); This assumes that the table is set to allow multiple rows and columns in your DataGridView and the value you are adding is the index for the DataTable. You can also use the ToDictionary method to get a dictionary from the collection. Dictionary dict = dict.ToDictionary(x => x.Key, x => x.Value); A combinatorial optimization approach to the design of nanocarriers for drug delivery to the brain: effects of the therapeutic target and the drug properties. The invention of




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