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Terms & Conditions

Many of NextPhase’s professional mentors are licensed psychotherapists, lawyers, registered investment advisors, or other types of professionals. However, each professional mentor participates in NextPhase solely as a consultant. While they may be available for engagement in their non-consultant capacity, engaging them in that role will only occur upon executing a formal engagement agreement.

Thus, without an engagement agreement, you will not form a formal relationship with a professional mentor (such as doctor-patient, lawyer-client, or advisor-investor). This means that discussions are not entitled to special legal privileges and you cannot rely on recommendations for legal purposes. The professional mentors participate to provide you with information, education, and help you self-identify risks and opportunities. Unlike psychotherapy, which seeks to diagnose and treat mental disorders, discussions in NextPhase seek to inform and help members self-determine healthy courses of action for their own betterment.

In joining NextPhase, you will gain access to written and verbal conversations by other members. It's critical that you, they, and our mentors agree to maintain information revealed as confidential. By joining NextPhase, you agree to do so. By participating in group discussions, written, verbal, or video, you consent to other members viewing your original or recorded participation. Unfortunately, it's impossible to guarantee confidentiality, especially for information transmitted electronically. Thus, you should share only information that you understand might be publicly revealed. If you are ever in doubt regarding what to reveal, you should err on the side of protecting your privacy.

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